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Kensington C/G?


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Hello. I am somewhat of a wee squeezer newbie but irretrievably smitten, and am hoping soon to manage a change from my "hybrid" 30 button C/G Norman concertina--a lovely thing to be sure, but I'd like to have a box with concertina reeds and a slightly different sound. Vintage Jeffries/Wheatstones and the like are far beyond my means. I've been impressed by Kensington instruments.  Though I've not gotten to play one I like what I hear, see and read on line, and folks on this forum have been uniformly positive in their reviews.  I know it's a long shot, but might anyone have or know of a second-hand Kensington for sale?  Or any other pertinent thoughts to share?  (BTW I play Irish music; 45 years now on the fiddle, with free reeds a recent affliction.  And I'm in the Seattle area in the U.S., a very long way from anything resembling a shop where instruments might be sampled.)  Thanks much.

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