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Playing Irish Music on an English Concertina.

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The topic of playing Irish Music on an English Concertina has cropped up in discussions a few times over the years, so I thought it might be time to create a thread devoted to promoting videos of such musical efforts. 


To get the ball rolling I've posted links to two of my own YouTube playlists.

Each playlist contains over one hundred videos & the music is played on an English Concertina, plus a few other instruments, including Fiddle, Hammered Dulcimer, Tenor Guitar, Nyckelharpa, Whistle, Tenor Banjo & Trump.

I hope that other enthusiasts will post links to similar videos or sound files, either of their own making or which they have come across on their travels around the Net., to help demonstrate that playing Irish Music on an EC is not such a strange pursuit. 😀 


1 - Irish Music on an English Concertina


2 - The Music of Turlough O'Carolan





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Here’s my group, Three Times Through,  playing The Blarney Pilgrim. Me on EC, my wife Margie playing 5-string banjo (horrors!), Jeff Peach on guitar and Gale Peach on fiddle. This was recorded about 12 years ago; nowadays we include the tune in a medley with 2 other jigs.




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