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Bostock on Ebay

Paul Read

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Seriously overpriced but interesting instrument.  Likely re-badged.  The fretwork is clearly not Lachenal and looks a bit like that on German instruments of the time.  Any thoughts of what make it is - or did Bostock make instruments.  I don't now the name.

I just found some answers on an old thread.  Thoughts on this one Stephen?


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more info found
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Geoff Crabb mentioned Bostock as one of their customers in a post around 12 years ago.  Can't really see if the action pan and fretwork are two separate pieces, a la Jones, or single as Crabb. The end bolts don't look like Jones.


Edit - the action and fret must be two pieces otherwise it might be a little  difficult to access the action!

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As Stephen said in the linked article, Bostock was better known for banjos, and a history article from a banjo magazine has him active from about 1880 to mid 1920s. He also has a full page advert on page 3 of Maccann's Concertinists Guide (1888).  Stephen also wrote (at the end of this thread)...

Thomas Bostock... the Crabb family of concertina makers (formerly in Liverpool Road, Islington) still have a stamp used for marking his name onto the concertinas they made for him...

so Crabb is always a possibility.

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