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Unusual performances

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I am sure many of you have experienced the unusual during a performance ,here is what happened to me one night which many of you may think is untrue but it is not.

We formed a new band many years ago and decided to launch it at a small folk club. Offered our services free and the organiser booked us as the main guest. To say we were nervous was an understatement ,but as it was a small club we did not expect many to be there. On arrival at the venue we were amazed to see a BBC Outside Broadcast lorry and they were there to record us. It was that night I experienced an out of body experience and I suddenly seemed to stand in front of myself watching me play. At that point I panicked and completely lost what I was playing. In seconds I returned back to my body. All the evening for some reason one of us played the wrong note except for one particular number where we all played brilliantly. I thought thank goodness at least they will be able to use this one, only to see the central mike slowly fall and hit the floor with a crash. 


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Great story; its like the well known type of performer maybe of years experience , who suddenly goes blank in their lines, and has to be prompted; sudden distractions ( like unexpected noise etc could also cause similar panic, pushing one out of the security of years of skill in an instance! Or realising, in a quieter moment,  that you are being watched attentively by an audience of strangers!

I am sure you did brilliantly in the end.

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