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Wanted: 48k English Concertina


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Hello. Long time browser reading forums but now decided to join. I am looking to begin my journey into the concertina. I was thinking of purchasing a Mcneela English as a starter but thought I would reach out here to see if anyone had a 48k English they are letting go at a price I can afford.

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I'm revving up to let go of my Wheatstone 48k EC, a sweet machine I got from the Button Box at the Northeast Squeeze-in. (I've switched to Anglo and lost interest.) Made around 1930(?), #32771. 12 years ago they listed it for $2800 and gave me a good deal with a trade-in.


RIP Button Box.


Vintage hard case, bellows show wear on the bottom, but all air-tight. Plays great. Not sure what to ask for it -- I'm open to informed suggestions. Can open it up to take more pix.


I'm in Sacramento. Boring, boring Sacramento.





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I have a beautiful 48 key Aeola that is perfect in every way.  
i cd let it go for 2300.  Raised ebony ends made late 60s.

Buy the best box you can afford even if you have to borrow the 

money.  You’ll never lose $ on this one.  Joey

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