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Pollen: A Good Reason For Covering My Concertina!

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In Ireland it is what we call a large piano accordion.  ;)  B)  :rolleyes:


In England it's a mechanical digger, usually driven by an Irishman !


:D HA ha ha! That's a good 'un.


Well, I'm presently waiting on my accordion stand to arrive (I did buy Malcolm's, mentioned in the Buy/Sell forum...), so I'm certainly not going to bury my PA ( :( ). In fact, I've been doing some drastic house-cleaning (still looks like a wreck, so far) to make a nice spot for playing.


I'll play my concertina no less, probably more...but I want to pick up again on the PA. I kind of miss using a piano keyboard and so on. (Yet, I'd rather play the PA than an actual piano.)


Digging a pond...hmm....another problem (besides ticks) would be disturbing the established tree roots. Don't want to do that.



Have you considered other materials? I absolutely DESPISE ponchos, despite their practicality...You could use rip-stop nylon for light summer rains, and the "natural" alpaca wools,...


Hmm, I like that idea. I'll have to see what I can come up with!

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You could incorporate drawstrings into the ends, and make it even more weather-proof...for an additional charge, the customer could have one made with a small hole to fish the cable through for use of a MIDI concertina....


Q: what's a MIDI concertina cable made of???


A: Concertina wire, of course! :rolleyes:


(That was just for you, Jim!)

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I found some old pics on my computer and I've added them to my photo site. (I have more than one photo site, but I think I'll do more with the pbase.com one...)


So, the URL is: http://www.pbase.com/geranimom/examples



Or, you can just go to my main site, click on the gallery for crochet art, then for concertina holders, then Examples of Other Types or whatever it is.


I'd be busy doing a lot more creative things with the hands, like sewing, if I could. My weirdo skin problem (basically just involves the fingers) is painful and it's been difficult to do as much as I need to. I need to be...who is that...Vishnu, with all the arms and hands...or, I guess I'd be Devi, the female version (didn't know about her till a few seconds ago, while searching for info on Vishnu).


Anyway, there are 3 pics posted that show the covers. A nylon (or similar) one would be great, though. Maybe that'll be the next one.


If anyone seriously wants one, I can't make any real promises yet but if you'll send me the size info for your concertina, I'll keep it in mind when I someday get back to sewing.

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Now I have to do something about growing back my beard


When my wife expressed her approval at the idea, I shaved my head (not much loss up there anyway, and too young for a combover) but drew the line at losing my beard. I just don't feel properly dressed w/o a beard and glasses!

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Thanks for the kind words. :)


Yikes! I don't think I could be diligent enough to run much of a real business crocheting, though I have sold a few hats here and there, and a pillow, once....maybe a few other things that I can't remember.


I'd try to sell patterns, but most of mine were already posted for free online, at one time or another (by me). And, I don't really make patterns that most crocheters would like to decipher....probably because I only partly use patterns, and the rest is more 'whatever.'


While I kind of enjoyed the crochet forums and 'talking' to designers and so on, when I first got online, I discovered after a while that I just don't care enough about fashion and style to be very involved in the mainstream of designing. I mean, I'm not even just neutral about it....I hate it! The fashion world, that is. I guess that's why I say I do crochet 'art.'


Oh, let me digress from my digession, here, for a second....


One reason I do like my artsy concertina holders, seriously, is that I feel that music is (usually) sacred, and our concertinas are sacred, too, right? Besides the practical use of the holder (dust cover, cat-guard, etc.), it seems that it's like a consecrated space for the concertina. Nice to look at, be near, etc..


I think I became more aware of how our creations can be 'holy' or whatever one day when, while crocheting something, with my supplies and objects on the floor near me, I accidentally tipped over a big cup of grape juice. Much to my surprise, the juice seemed to go everywhere all over the room but not one drop went on any of my work, which was all right in a spot where the juice should have spilled. And that didn't seem to make sense, scientifically. It was very strange, for sure, and I'll never forget that one!


(And, I use sippy-cups, now...heheh... :D Just kidding!)

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