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Concertinas go Bush series

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G'day All,


There is currently a series of videos being released on a daily basis that features traditional Australian tunes and some songs and played by some of our concertina players here in Australia.  The series is inclusive with players of a range of abilities and styles.  Warren Fahey initiated the project with the aim of increasing awareness of Australia's traditional tunes which evolved with the country (bush) dance culture that existed in days gone by.


There are nine videos, each about 20 minutes long, being released between 23rd and 31st of July and can be viewed on the Concertina Australia Youtube channel here.  So far there are just three, here is today's, #3.






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1 hour ago, Owen Anderson said:

I've been greatly enjoying this series!

Me too!


There's a pretty wide-ranging collection of Australian music here, all available in ABC format...


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