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My goodness its been hot!

Like living inside a huge oven; with me in it as the cooking chicken!

Then I thought just now... All that hot air being blown in and out of our concertinas! Like fanning the oven in itself!

I suppose it may have slight affect on the metal reeds (metal expanding or contracting?).. and as for leather bellows; put suncream on it ! 😁

Maybe Handel's Fireworks music would best suit the current climate too? But lets just hope soon for a refreshing shower ( Water music) to help cool us all off !

Just a thought on a hot summer's evening July 2022.

Silly small phone keyboard always annoying.
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Been thinking about this a lot too, Simon, here in Midwest USA; I just got a hygrometer yesterday that showed about 43% humidity in the house. Introduced some hot water and it went up to about 50 which I think is normally recommended. This morning it showed 68% humidity. I wonder if these fluctuations are too much for instruments (esp. my concertina) or is that an acceptable range. I don't want to spend the rest of my days checking these levels but I do want to keep things in the proper range too...





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