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Mathematician on Anglo

jim troy

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A link, please,  to The Mathematician Hornpipe being played on Anglo ?

I have the recording of Simon's version on English Concertina already,

stunning, as usual. good man, Simon.


Someone mentioned, maybe, track 6, Niall Vallely. 

If this exists, maybe the name or location etc., of the recording/CD, or somesuch ?



Thanks,  Jim Troy

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Thank you, Takayuki Yagi, for that link. 

I have ordered Hugh Healy CD from Custy's Music.


do you know in what key he plays The Mathematician ?

and is it an Eb/C, or which tuning the concertina is in ?

I will sort it, but it would help to cut to the chase.

A great showy tune, and a good tune in itself.


Again, thanks for all the help.


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Thanks to John, Peter and Takayuki


I just discovered that I already have that Hugh Healy CD

An Eb Concertina ? interesting. 


I'd be interested to hear Michelle's version of the tune.

Peter, if you come across a recording of her playing this, would you give us a head up ?

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