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Cardenal bandoneón

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Some years ago I purchased a vintage Cardenal bandoneón.  I've just taken it out of the closet, determined to tackle the bizarre key arrangement at last.  Is there any way to determine when it was made? Oh, yes, and one other question: pronunciation?  Is it pronounced like "accordion" with the accent on the ""do"  or is it given a true Spanish accent on the final "on"? -- Thanks for your help.  



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In the case that this may be of use to someone, here is what I’ve found.  Most important is a blog article by someone named “Alessandro”:  http://lavozdelbandoneon.blogspot.com/p/bandoneon-4-tassonomia.html.  There is an English translation here: https://www.besodetango.com/wp-content/uploads/how_to_identify_an_old_bandoneon.pdf.


According to this article, my bandoneón, model name “Cardenal”, was made by the firm of Ernst Louis Arnold (ELA, 1864-1959) in Germany for export to Argentina.  The model is described in the article as “Medionacar ‘Jugendstil’ second type”, which is to say that it has a medium amount of mother-of-pearl and is the second of the Art Nouveau styles.  Year built?  I would have to see the inside of the soundboards for a date stamp … but I’m not willing to go there.  From what I can make out in the article, this was likely built during the 1930s, possibly 1939 and possibly for Hohner.


I’ve also found on YouTube a series of beginner lessons by Brett Lemley called “Learn Bandoneon” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__dMWj9WtGQwNtE7dXZKzQ).  He uses the Ambros method.  I’m hoping this will be a good place to start.  Sadly, it will be a long haul before I can play a tune.

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