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Replacement lever arm spring

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On 7/1/2022 at 12:07 PM, Frank Edgley said:

It is possible to make one using a brass safety pin (of similar diameter) and needle nose pliers.

Interesting, Frank Edgley; do you incorporate the sharp end to affix it or do you use a different method? Just curious, thanks...



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Well I wouldn't ever even think about arguing with someone in Frank's league, but the idea of using safety pins has always sent shivers up my spine...


There are tons of instructional videos on Youtube as well as photo series or videos on this very forum about making springs (eg type "spring site:concertina.net/forums" into the search moloch). It's actually not that difficult. Needle nose pliers and a small wire cutter are definitely indispensable, but other than that, I've seen people using nothing but up to fairly sophisticated jigs.


As for the raw material, I generally use unwound steel guitar (or banjo/dulcimer/whatever) strings, used or new, doesn't matter. Those come in all kinds of diameters and cost next to nothing. Tension helps a lot, so if you find a way to jam one end of your wire securely somewhere so you can make your two coils under tension, it will yield better springs. The rest is mostly bending wire skills.


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On 7/3/2022 at 10:13 AM, hjcjones said:

Concertina Spares appears to have them



I think Mark Adey is still struggling to run this site and provide the spares service. Currently the site shows an introductory popup saying:


Feeling Better

I am closing the online shop for a while as I have started to dream of hexagons

I will re-open the shop after I have recharged my batteries.

If there is anything urgent give me a ring and if I am not in someone will take a message.

Thanks Mark


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Having just received my order from Mark at Concertina Spares, I hope everything goes well for him. I will mention that on my first (of two, and no more!) concertinas there developed an issue with one button/spring catching it's neighbour and sounding both notes at once. Since I have no proper concertina people nearby I ended up clipping a tiny amount of safety pin and ever-so-gently tapping it into the gap between the two, and it worked perfectly. I admit I would have taken it to someone who does this properly but it wasn't an option; sometimes necessity can force you to get creative, but I don't think I would like to push it too much:). Good luck,



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