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Morse Ceili C/G for sale or trade, $2,150 (sold, 7 July '22)


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  Build date of the concertina is April, 2012, and its barely played in, it came from a friend's estate a year or so ago. Its everything a Morse should be. The reason I'm moving it on is that I am more attracted to vintage boxes(And I may be more of a collector than a serious player).

  I would trade this concertina for a Maccann duet concertina. An upscale (not a tutor) 65 key Wheatstone or Lachenal would be ideal. I wouldn't mind if it was in old pitch.

  Shipping and insurance costs will be the buyer's responsibility.

  I'd prefer contact by PM to exchange email or phone numbers.

  Since I'm a bit of a Luddite I have no idea how to post a sound file.

  Oldchief/ Jim Richardson


TNT concertins 1.JPG

TNT concertina 2.JPG


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