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Wheatstone +50000 serial # replacement reeds

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We all know that the +50000 Wheatstone reeds are different from the before 1938 stuff. So I sent my set of rusted reeds to Harmonikas.cz in the Czech Republic to see if they can produce a replacement set. And I got this answer from Ladislav:

Thank you again for sending your sample of reeds, as I could check I have  never seen this kind of reeds yet. As you know we are able to produce two different kind of reeds for concertina.  One is with the rivet and the other one is with screws and clamps. Now  we make these reeds from brass and for these reeds I think is better Material brass the Aluminium.
The production is too demanding  and we can offer these reeds only in first quality. I have no possibility producing for these reeds in another cheaper quality..
Suggestion for your reeds: 
- the frame according your sample
- reeds are riveted ( like our concertina reeds )
- Material for frame „ brass „
- Price for this reeds set 30 button 164,-EUR ( if you order more than 10 set )
We can make the frame from aluminium, the price then 148,-EUR/set


What do you guys think, is there perhaps somebody else who are also interested so that we can order 10 sets of First Quality Brass framed reeds at 164 Euro/set?

Thank you

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On 6/21/2022 at 3:41 PM, Frank Edgley said:

That would be 164 Euros for one set or 1640 euros for 10 sets. (minimum order) Brass is better!

That  seems very cheap€164 for 60 reeds is under €3 each.  Are they any good?

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I belive they will be good, Theo. They said it will be First quality with brass frames.

If they must make less than ten sets, then it will be +50% per set.

So, I hope there can be enough interest so that we can order 10 sets.

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The drawings I have seen from this company, are essentially accordion reeds mounted onto single brass dovetailed frames. The frames appear to be wider than the common concertina reed, you may have to do some serious woodwork, to get the frames into the chambers, re-cut or modify the vents, and even alter the chamber lengths. Furthermore they may have a different tone to what you might expect. Steve Dickinson is still making these reeds, have you talked to him. When you say 'rusted' is it just the steel reed tongue which is corroded, or are you talking about oxidisation of teh Aluminium frames as well. Rust on steel reeds can often be cleaned off and the reeds made quite playable.

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The reeds we are now talking about are not those that slide into a dovetail slot. We are talking about the after 50000 serial number concertinas with reeds attached to the wood with two screws . They are making them exactly to the same dimensions as the reeds on my concertina.

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