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Alistair Anderson's Note-Shaping Exercise?

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Hi folks


I'm planning a campaign to improve my rather flaky technique on the English Concertina.


Some years back I was in a workshop with Alistair Anderson where he showed us his exercise for working through a range of options for the attack, shape and finish of each note.


I remember being impressed at the time but was too lazy to use it regularly. I can't find the notes I took at the time, so my memory is hazy.


If anyone is able to share the details, I'd be very grateful!

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Sorry I can't help except to say that my whole approach to playing EC is based on having listened AA's playing for hours on end as a new player all those years ago.

   I loved his use of the word "stotty" when describing air management.

 You are totally on the right path by referring back to his playing.

           I'll be interested to hear any replies t your question.


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I don't know if it includes the exercise you mention, but Alistair Anderson's 

tutor for English is available as a PDF download here.


Somewhere on the internet, there are audio tracks which may include the 

exercises, they may be on his web site?


Nothing definite there, but it gives you a couple of options for a further 



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