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Lovely discord! [if it's intended to be?]

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A rather naughty topic - a bit mischievous; but I admit sometimes I have hit the wrong button, or  key, and  unintentionally.  After all concertinas have small studs for buttons, and are, generally, close together, to manage all the time; at speed often!

But then there's that moment of mischief occurs in the mind of performer that says .. "Go on be daring, have some fun, and ditch the rigid rules"... and the discord can then resound! Much to the aching ears of anyone nearby!

You will all have that same experience I am sure of that clashing note moment [which you can say is 'quite deliberate'] .. but they are interesting when they occur, and concertinas, particularly, to me. due to their timbre of sound, lend themselves to this effect very well [intended or not].

It can also be quite effective for atmosphere, or to emphasise a weird theme maybe?

Although I try and make notes sound nice, I have now and again got going with the discord too, just for the devilment of it?

Any one else had similar 'Rebel' moments between the sweet music?


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  • SIMON GABRIELOW changed the title to Lovely discord! [if it's intended to be?]

I often end a tune, particularly a slower number, with a last bar rallentando and a 6th either as a chord or an arpeggio, e.g. CEG plus A. Started off as a mistake, but has now become a bit of a trademark of my playing, and a good conversation starter. Call it a discord if you like, but I reckon it's there to stay....   🙂

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A quote from an old Mudcat post by Brian Peters seems relevant:


<The (other) thing about a 30-button anglo is that there's plenty of opportunity for serendipity - you hit the 'wrong' button on the LH and a weird combination of notes gives you a clashing or unworldly harmony that sometimes stinks but sometimes makes you think "Hmm, that might come in useful.">


The discussion centred on the somewhat unusual chording used by the late Peter Bellamy, though Brian suggests that Peter's chording was in no way accidental, but well planned and thought out. I'm not sure whether I agree, but maybe have a listen to recordings of Peter on (say) YouTube if you want to hear some unusual (weird?) harmonies.....





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