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"The pleased boy of the Woods".. [new tune].

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Here's a tune which is cheerful with a bit of 2/4 rhythm.

But who , you may ask, is that pleased 'Boy of the woods'?  [You may say]..

Well, it's my own perennial favourite subject "The Green Man" again; the swiftly moving, mysterious, unfettered, spirit of nature [and often quoted in folk tunes as well].

Written on melody line only [ to make it useable on any instrument] .. I improvised a few little chords here and there as I went along.



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I like that Simon - sweet and interesting harmonies, and the whole thing flows along very well. A neighbour of mine has a Green Man let into the bricks above his front door lintel, and I always like to spot him in passing. I've never heard him called "The pleased boy of the woods" though, alongside his many other names. Is this a name of your own invention?

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your kind comments about me tune.

I do not always add titles to my music; but recently once I have completed it, then I try to think of a  name that fits the thought [where possible]. 

I was aware of a name in an old tune somewhere called "The pleased boy" [I believe?].. and so tried not to repeat it myself.  And, having done a few themes on a traditional character [Green man]whom is of course a very British and indeed European concept also -   As he belongs to the woods and nature. And is contented [ or pleased with his lot]. I added the thought to the name title.. And as this is what it represents! [the pleased boy of the woods or -  AKA; Green man!]

The character has appeared in other art forms [I have made over the years] as well; but that's another story altogether!

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