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Early Bastari ?

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Thank you both for the comments. Then how many of these particular Bastaris are known to exist?

At least I know, Ken and Simon have one each, Stephen Chambers has one(Wizard anglo), I have one, and eBay one.

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I well imagine there will be in incalculable number made, then as now, as long as they are wanted.

Mine has brown coloured bellows, and when new.. had  Hohner name on it. Strange fact is my one may also have become part of the Stagi empire; as I was once sent free bag of spare buttons which had Stagi name on as well!

Added thought.
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Fell off, the rubber button rings pictured are the only survivors.  In Takayuki's image the lever's look quite tight but here there's a significant amount of side to side play, so much that is uses the bushing board to keep some pads off the frame and centered. 

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While I'm going through it, I thought it was interesting to see all the actions use a 'G' shape post mount screwed into the base, where the flared rivet acts like a floating axle.  I could realign & tighten up the side play in most of the actions by snugging down the loose screws under them.  I'd always assumed a normal action was hammered into the base after riveting, or part of a carrier assembly? 


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On 6/29/2022 at 5:58 AM, Takayuki YAGI said:

I have asked Concertineitalia (current makes of Bastari) about historical information about these but unfortunately have not received an answer.

I received an answer from that company. But they did not possess historical documents and remained uncertain about the history of these.

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