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Anglo concertina Jones G/D 26b (from Barleycorn) -> Sold


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--> Sold on FB


Hello everyone,


Just bought this concertina out of curiosity for a new key but I decide G/D is not for me (I only focus on Irish).
So here it is :
This is a lovely little G/D Jones Anglo which came from Chris Algar at Barleycorn
It has steel reeds, bone buttons, lovely dark green bellows and new pads, valves and tuning done. 
It is in a great condition for a vintage, bellow is like new.
Sold with a leather vintage case (not a concertina case but pretty close).


Here is a quick recording with my phone, have to say playing with lower note is fun and relaxing 🙂 ==> Still need to find how...else I can send it.
I could also look for trade (eventually partial either way $) for a 26b (or 20b) in Bb/F (or why not C/G 20b or 26b).
Trade = loosing less money so you can always propose.


Looking for 850 euros, sent from Belgium.

Thank you







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