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Largo [from flautino concerto; Vivaldi].

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Here's another Vivaldi piece [or attempt at one].

It is well known, and to me has such a mysterious timeless quality about the melody, the tune, as it seems to occupy its own place separate from anything else. 

It is from the flautino concerto, [the flautino - with its intended very shrill high notes] but works well on other instruments too..

With Anglo concertina it is relatively straight forward, except for a few awkward note groups requiring careful use of bellows, and tricky fingering - making parts of tune just possible to carry off [adequately] Just as well it is slow tempo!

It uses the right hand side of keyboard [because of higher notes] which could lend to harmonising - but for now this attempt uses single notes only; as it does add to its intrigue, and ethereal tone, with the space around it.

Note; I added slight resonance [echo] to the sound to lift it a bit more [ as the room used to record in has, in reality,  little, to no resonance at all].



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