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Professional model Edgley for sale


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C/G 30 button. Beautiful instrument built in 2015! Bellows are supple, it has likely been played a lot.

Bit of paint has worn off left hand rest. Otherwise not a mark on it! Lovely instrument!
$2000+ shipping/ insurance. Includes a hard fitted case.












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I’m sorry I don’t know which model it is. I asked the person I bought it from and he didn’t know. It’s a 30 button CG, #521. I’ll have to double check whether it’s wheatstone or Jeffries, I’m new to all this. 
i’m out at a session, will check later and post it. Thanks


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You can carefully remove the screws to see what Frank marked.  It seems he most often signs on the right.  If the two buttons top row, right hand, index finger and second finger are the same notes but reversed push for pull, it's Jeffries.




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