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Relax as you play!


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There's sometimes people worrying over straining themselves physically when playing their instruments; and there's many remedies suggested, each is worthy in its one right of course.. but simply it should not be such a dreadful strain to play your music, even when practicing awkward passages.

Relax, that is the first thing, do not tension up too much, which can happen when faced with an awkward passage in music, see it a a worthwhile challenge; perhaps that "awkward" group of notes, or difficult fingering required.

Try not to hunch up over your instrument ( I would say).. keep looser in method, and music will itself begin to be free and more open as result ( in my opinion).

I tend to sit very straight myself when playing, which looks rigid in itself, however by keeping my arms loose in movement ( ignoring my unusual method of using the straps which is my own(.. keeping arms, and hands freer in movement makes sound method much less strained as result.

Develop your own ways, with good advice, as you will know your own body better than anyone else, and you will play more confidently as result.

But chiefly you should relax and enjoy your playing; because whilst  it should be sometimes a challenge, it must never be a burden.

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