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Jeffries radial reedpan

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6 hours ago, malcolm clapp said:

What Theo said.

I did suggest this and other comparatively simple reasons for the lack of volume some weeks ago, but these ideas seems to have been dismissed in favour of more complex (and possibly insurmountable) causes, though an interesting thread has nevertheless resulted..... 🙂


And the valves in the photos do look quite "chunky"

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Hi Malcolm and Theo.

I used Columbia organ leather which is very supple. It's not as thin as I'd like but despite that some of the smaller reeds sound well. I'm now trying out a slightly higher setting on the reeds which seems better suited to the chambers and produces a better sound.

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It sounds like a very interesting instrument Shay, presumably made in order to solve the problem of the tone difference between the reeds on the inside row, compared with the rest of the instrument, from the more normal (parallel-chambered) Jeffries reed-pans.


Are you coming to Miltown, and will you have it with you?

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Hi Stephen,

I'm afraid I only got this after coming back from Milltown. I'll bring it the next time if you let me know

what music weekend you'll be at where I might be too. Or if you're in Dublin anytime give me a shout.



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