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Andante from Vivaldi's mandolin concerto. [RV 532]

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After doing an attempt of that cheerful fist movement of Vivaldi's [2 mandolins concerto; RV 532] it has proved too tempting not to try out the following  movement [Andante].

It is a wonderfully evocative piece, with a timeless quality about it, and a sense of mystery, with those triplets in the phrasing taking precedence over the melody. Even though originally meant for those delightful instruments with a more limited sustaining ability; Mandolins.. [lots of short notes] never the less I believe it sounds fine on other instruments too.



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Absolutely agree! Vivaldi's RV 532 is a gem. The Andante movement's evocative quality and intriguing phrasing make it timeless. The triplets indeed add a mystical touch. It's impressive how music transcends instrument boundaries; the piece can sound wonderful on various instruments. Dive into the mystery and enjoy exploring its nuances!

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