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FYI - Lachenal 48 Duet Concertina on EBay


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And here's the update:


Polished rosewood 48-button Crane Duet labeled "Crane and Sons", "Manufactured by Lachenal & Co."


Student model, with colored and labeled bone buttons, 20 buttons on the left, 28 on the right.


Number 55 is on the left side cloth baffle and also internal.


On the left handrest "Patent-21730-1896", and on the right handrest "C&S 3 9 6".


Brass reeds, never retuned, it is in unrestored original-everything-close-to-mint condition, and pretty much in tune with itself at A=456.


One of the original "Crane & Sons" leather straps is broken, the other is about to break.


Original bellows are airtight with no patches, but I am hearing a little pad leakage. One pad on the left side has been munched on by something. And that's it!


Being such a low number after the patent date, I would guess it dates to 1896 or 1897.


So, the big question is, restore and upgrade things like straps, valves, and pads, (and learn how to play Crane Duet!), or leave as is?







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7 hours ago, gcoover said:

So, the big question is, restore and upgrade things like straps, valves, and pads, (and learn how to play Crane Duet!), or leave as is?



That looks to me like a question with no right answer. As an instrument for playing, it's somewhat limited both in range (presuming that there's some overlap between the ends and therefore less overall compass than a 48 key English)  and (probably) quality. And learning that system would take time that might have better uses, and even after learning you probably wouldn't do much with it that you can't do with your other concertinas. On the other hand, it's a shame to leave a musical instrument sitting on a shelf rather than doing the job it was built for, and the parts that would need to be replaced are not very significant for originality, as they would probably have been replaced more than once before now if this instrument had been in regular use.

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I owned a Jones Piano Concertina until recently. When I bought it, it was in superb original condition & very clean inside - similar I guess to your Crane Duet, Gary. I put new handstraps on it and a few minor things to get it playing. I felt it should be preserved as it was, as it was an unusual & rare concertina. So I would say the same for yours, as its an early example of the Crane system & keep the old handstraps as Ken suggests.

(My Jones Piano Concertina eventually went to the US & is now up for sale again on Ebay).


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