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I have been cleaning out a storage room and found a concertina which we bought for my husband in the 1970s: it is a gorgeous, pristine instrument that was sold in a hard case, lined in a red velvety material. I remember he was teaching himself to play Irish, English folk music.
It has no markings on the outside;
~2 straps, 2 finger supports
looks like rosewood or walnut;

~24 white buttons on the left side, 24 on the right with an extra black button.
~It looks brand new, no imperfections.
~8 bellows
~6 sided
~Appears to match online with Wheatstone 48 buttons 

A friend who plays the concertina sent  me; I suppose I need an appraisal and then perhaps I can make a sale.
I would be most grateful for any info!
Thanks so much in advance,

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3 hours ago, David Barnert said:

Can you take a picture of it (or several pictures) and post it here?


If you tell us what part of the world you’re in, someone here might be able to direct you to someone reasonably nearby who can appraise it or help you sell it.

I wasn’t sure if photos could be uploaded, I took a few and will give it a  go! Thanks, David, I live in NYC.

I seem to have very large photo files and am limited … I can’t even post one…

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3 hours ago, Stephen Chambers said:


Those two features make it sound very much like an Italian, Bastari, English concertina, like this one:



B I N G O ! Thanks, Stephen! That is it!!! Exactly!! Every photo and even has the case. OK now I’m getting somewhere! I am very grateful! 

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