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SOLD!!!Wheatstone Concertinas 1921 and 1936. 


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Wheatstone concertina for sale.

1x 30 key SOLD!!!

1x 48 key English 


1921 Wheatstone concertina 48key English concertina . 

I am open to offers. Willing to video call if necessary. The instrument is in South Africa (where I live).  I am not an expert in these instruments by any means , so any info would be appreciated. I have no set price so I will look at offers.  Will send more pics on request .



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Sold item
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Hi Stephen,


the „48“ is an „English“ concertina, the „30“ an Anglo.


I can elaborate re the former (English) as I have one of identical appearance which has easily turned out to be my main instrument since I have acquired it.


It‘s a „Model 6“, among the best you can get, and given the elaborate fretwork it might have been produced to extra-high standards throughout.


Of course every single instrument is different and has to be judged on its own merits - and possibly faults. It also has a history of being played and treated.


From your pic, at least some of the end bolts seem to have been overtightend at some point (but the washers might provide a full compensation).


The instrument may have (premium) brass reeds (mine has). 1921 would be a very good year quality-wise. The hexagonal shape shouldn‘t put anybody off - to the contrary, it makes the instrument lightwheight and handy!


I reckon you will find a buyer (paying a good price) for this (if in good condition) highly desirable instrument - good luck with the sale.


Best wishes - 🐺

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Hi Wolf.

Thanx for the info I really appreciate it. Yes it's actually in really nice condition apart from the washers , one or two were overtightened so they just put washers in all of them. But it sounds great otherwise. 

And once again thanx for the info, hopefully I get a good price and it goes to a good home .



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  • Stephen changed the title to SOLD!!!Wheatstone Concertinas 1921 and 1936. 

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