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Is pulling faces needed to play well!

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Bare with me on this ( potentially funny thought).. but when, as I am sure many other here,could admit to it, one is playing sometimes it is with such feeling that the expression oft fits the tune!

Historically musicians have thrown themselves into passionate performance by moving in gestures of great expression.. (Lizt was known to wag his long haired head all about when playing, and I have seen film of Horowitz at piano, gurning, just before commencing to play piano.

So admittedly I do my share, but try not look, anyway maybe it cannot be helped and after all shows a real feeling of seriousness in the creative process of expression. And perhaps, if all sat absolutely rigid in expression, or posture; then we would end up with no more than a robotic and mechanical automata, rather than living expressive force in full flow at that moment?

What you all think, or have you any examples of extremes, in performance mannerisms, talk about? Or recall watching?

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😃 byOh, that has given me a good laugh!

Sorry I must be more sympathetic, as I am far from perfect myself!

Maybe we should all suck a nice chewy sweet that will give a more pleased expression! Or think of nice things?

Added happy face to show glee!
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Within the family it is called "concertina face".


I have a friend who is a French woman who plays accordion professionally and I am in deep admiration of her for her normallish looking smile as she plays.



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On 5/14/2022 at 12:20 PM, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

😃Can you imagine someone asking Beethoven why he kept pulling faces when he played?

Oh, dear, not the thing to say!  

The fact was he possibly wasn't; it was just natural!


He wouldn't have heard you anyway.

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There is a lovely cameo appearance from Laurel and Hardy in a review type film [title approx; with the stars] where Oliver hardy plays an increasingly smaller mouth organ until eventually he almost swallows a very tiny mouth organ, and yet can still play it; pulling the most hilarious faces as he does!

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