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Clover Anglo funky sound

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Hi all, I have a Clover Anglo I received in December. It's a wonderful instrument and I've just started learning how to play, so now that it's making a funky sound I am a bit lost on what to do.


All the notes are great except for the c/B on the right side, which has suddenly started to only play c on the push and do a strange fluttery B on the pull. I haven't played it since Friday but it sounded just fine then.


I took a look inside and the reed looks ok to my very amateur eyes. I've included a pic and can upload more if necessary. Any idea what could be going on? 


Thanks for all your help, this forum was instrumental (haha) to getting me started on learning this instrument.



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Give Wim a call. My impression is that he wants his instruments to work properly (like all the makers I can think of) and I'm sure he would give you prompt and helpful advice.


Of course you're about to get all sorts of advice from the folks here too. I'm sure someone will get it sorted for you...



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Yes get the maker first to have a look as any good distributor of instruments will want to do their best.

Sometimes the flaps ( valve) that stop air flowing one way or other can get stuck.. or it could even be something as mundane as dust? Even having been opened up now.. then that could even fix problem.

There is  probably a most simple reason for it occurring; if it's fairly new, then maybe needs using, or playing more, to free everything up.

I recently had a note not sound correctly, and then by using that note repeatedly a few times it began to 'sing' again.

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