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Your favourite music store!

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This has just popped into my thoughts ( thanks partly to a bit of info from a member on net mentioning a concertina band in York (UK).. and it got me mentioning in my reply, about music shops. 

Until recent times, in York, we had a marvellous, mainly family owned shop called Banks music shop, it was situated for a time down a historic Street no more than quarter mile from York Minster (Stonegate).. then later moved round the corner (Lendal).

What a marvellous store; musical instruments of all kinds, books, records; and very knowledgeable staff ; real interesting characters that knew their stuff, and very obliging.

I got my concertina from there both of them.

Now it's no more; sold to a generic chain of shops, but I have fond memories of Banks music shop, in my history at least.

You all must have that special store you have equally fond memories about. What about it? That great guy behind the counter?  Or maybe the scent of wood, varnish, record covers? Let everyone know of it?


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I was in York in 2018 and certainly had my eyes open for music shops, perhaps Banks was already gone then?


Mine? All the music shops of my youth in L.A. (all now gone), Carl Fischer sheet music shop in N.Y. City (long gone), the Button Box.



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Yes Banks Music shop. ( In old York.. UK).. As it was.. has not really existed for years now; it has been partly absorbed into a group of stores now termed Banks Music Room. It is now a general music store ( and very generic). It sells instruments that originally would not have been so desired in its original state ( my personal opinion).. The personalities on staff,of original shop, long moved on too! Shame!

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