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Playing chords and singing

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Interestingly I've played now different concertinas for two years, I learned mostly from youtube and from this forum, but it never crossed my mind I could only play chords and sing along. For now I only play with left hand, maybe someone can help with both-hands-chords chart?

I'm presenting this funny drinking song, see my quick-hand and rather rough translation. Singing and performing- also with not much care or effort 😄.


Monday - discipline

maybe a glass of wine

Tuesday - I get wasted with beer.


I don't drink I only degustate

or sometimes when I get dehidrated

to break the ice, to clear my throat

I've never drunk for the sake of love..


Wednesday- whiskey with ice

afterwards whatever comes by

Thursday- plum spirit- 

my head hurts.


Friday- brandy or cognac,

to sooth my stomach,

Saturday- I'm not picky

because I'm so frustrated.


Sunday- I reboot

and I decant my contents,

If I summarize-

I only degustate.



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