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If anyone has seen the GANNET [bird] the large creature that lives in huge colonies on cliff ledges, then they will no doubt have noted their amusing behaviour.  They are known as the Clown [BoBo] in Spain, apparently, and this is a very appropriate appellative for a big fat white bird, with long beak, blue eyes, short legs, and huge webbed feet!

I have many times made pilgrimage over to the East coast of Yorkshire [UK] where is one of the few inland colonies to be viewed, within easy reach. The noise, is of clattering almost laughter, and its [rather smelly too!] But the amusement is one reason worth going to visit; endless entertainment with their clown like habits, and rituals.

So I thought, or imagined, if they could all do a dance [even with those fat feet and short legs] maybe this is how it would go!

A tune in G major, with 2/4 tine, and originally written solely on melodic line; [harmonized later in the performance].

So ... Can you Dance the Gannet?



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