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I just opened my old hohner 10 button concertina because it uses to much air especially on the left side. So when opening that side I noticed that every button activates 2 reeds , I think in octave. No wonder it uses much air. I am now considering taping one of the two reeds for every button to see how that plays. I would faver a more silent instrument, that my be a second advantage. I wish I could find the normal range for a 10 button concertina relative to the piano range ( C4…etc) Anny suggestions?

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That sounds a bit drastic; considering taping one of the two reeds! On hohner concertina!

There may be other reasons it uses lots of air; bellows leaking? Maybe reed problem? Bellows not fully or adequately airtight? 

There will be two reeds to make 2 different notes ( one in on bellows and then another bellows pulled out..that is what happens with diatonic or Anglo system.

Maybe you should take photo of it so everyone can see what you mean; and suggest solution..

But I would say don't start tampering too much. Put photo on here for us all to see. Also there should be a chart somewhere of 10 button instrument to show notes in relation to piano somewhere.


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I am glad you clarified the button numbers; as there were in fact some ten button types, but I have rarely seen them ( couldn't see any in research either!)..

Twenty buttons are more likely, and more commonly to be found.

They came in different keys; the ones in G major and C major seem frequently used.. one row is then in C major, and other row in G major, with often choice of accidental eg; F natural and the F sharp..

Additional info added
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