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Wheatstone 48 Button English ($1,500)


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1965 Wheatstone 48 Button English concertina. Bought from The Button Box last year. Was completely overhauled, new bellows. Bought it intending to learn concertina, there's just not enough time in the day. Would love someone to have it who can appreciate it. Located in South Carolina. Happy to answer questions. $1,500


Serial Number: 36826






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Hello! I'm very interested, but I am not a rich man and this is a big life decision for me.

Firstly, I know you've already lowered the price, but I have to ask, is that a fixed $1500 or a flexible $1500? 

Secondly, is it in tune still?

Thirdly, um, I've kind of fallen in love with it. I can't play concertina, and I know an instrument with history deserves to be played well, but I'll learn, and it'll be treated with the utmost respect.



Oh also, what's the postage-to-Australia situation like?

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I have corresponded with Jim regarding this instrument. He tells me that the serial number is 36826 which makes this instrument 1965, not 1951. It does have some history in that it looks to be one of a group of instruments sold to Boris Matusewitch. Here's the page at the Horniman Museum Ledger http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD03/PAGES/D3P1040S.HTM 

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