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3 tunes mix - Eccentric and Fun improvisation!

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Have a good old fun-time improvising I say.  There's a cheeky sense of fun to be had in taking a well known [respected] melody; and then transforming it in all kinds of ways! Just on a whim!  After academic reading from music page let go your senses, and enjoy it [for the hell of it!]  There's three tunes in my concoction here; Welsh, Scottish, and more stately and measured God save Queen/ King [all time favourite]!

You don't need to be intoxicated by anything but a sense of pure fun, dare, and letting go at the moment.  You don't need to raise a good flagon of beer just a smile would do instead!



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Another variation on this theme my friend had was to see how many tunes he could play to the same bass line - even more fun if the meters were similar and all the different words sung at the same time.


Les Branchett

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Yes, there's numerous approaches to things! I think in Britain we are lucky to have so many good tunes to choose from; and which lend themselves to a ( rather cheeky) opportunity to vary according to mood! Sadly, the flat acoustic of that room I use, with no reverb, makes tune playing all the more tricky! But it's fun whatever!!

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