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No Scandinavian Squeeze-In for 2022

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Apologies to everyone for not getting this posted sooner, since if the SSI were happening, it would be at the end of this month.


Over the past several months, my attention has been repeatedly hijacked by problems both technical and personal, and posting the "cancellation" slipped through the cracks.  But I hope that you had guessed that without an announcement that it was happening, it probably wasn't.


I had decided some time ago that with the recurring uncertainties regarding covid, I would not be willing to gamble on bringing people together.  And although Sweden and Denmark (the nearest airport) are both officially "open", that decision has been validated by recent personal experience.  I myself had the virus in early February, thankfully a mild case.  But just within the last few weeks, five friends in Sweden were infected, and not as a group.  And we were all fully vaccinated.  Yes, it's still spreading.


I had hoped that I could set up some individual small Zoom events during the past year, but those other issues prevented that.  I still have hopes that I might be able to do something like that between now and April 2023, though there's no guarantee.  However, if I do manage to get anything organized, I'll be sure to announce it here.


Meanwhile, best wishes to all.

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