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Just landed! McCann question

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Just arrived!

So, I heard about all of the duets up for sale from David Cornell’s estate. And I jumped at a 50s Wheatstone.

Bob Beimers was fantastic to deal with. And the 55 came in. It is like new condition.


That said. A disclaimer for those, like me, that did not know this. I thought all McCanns were the same. apparently not. What I received is a “Chidley” McCann. Apparently this is a different tuning from standard.


As I have no McCann experience. This may be a good thing as it seems the layout is more uniform than standard.



Initial feelings. Condition perfect. I think this was a safe queen. Probably has seen no use.

Action is good. I would not say it is super fast. Closest to the Lachenal or the 50s English I had for a time


voice is clear and warm. I would say it does not have the “bark or cut” of my 22 or 20s Aeola. And does not have that reedy, oboe quality of my new model Crane. I would put the voice closest to the mid range Lachenal English (maybe it was a paragon?) I had than anything else. Lows seem kind of “flappy”, if that makes any sense.

as I am just pressing buttons and don’t know how to play it. This is just initial findings from looking at a button chart and running some scales.


Any insight of standard McCann vs Chidley?


also a pic of the 55 button Wheatstone, next to 55 Crane for size compare… the McCann falls into the XXL category.



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See http://www.concertina.com/chidley-duet/index.htm

I had an 80-button Chidley until recently. Regular layout of notes as you move up the octaves. I thought it was much easier than the MacCann but the idea never really caught on. Wheatstone only ever made around 60 Chidleys, so you have a rare concertina!

There is a picture below of the Chidley I used to own.


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