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Going to need some help with this one..

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1 hour ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

Congratulate that chocolatier .. as I have to admit ( red faced).. I thought it was someone's project, and genuine! There' a saying to "eat your own words".. but in this case it is relative!

Simon, I'm tickled someone fell for it, though I realise I'm a little late for April fools!

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On 4/12/2022 at 8:22 AM, Pistachio Dreamer said:

can anyone ID?

I know of at least one set of laser printer templates for Anglo concertina, eg: here. I don't

think laser printers work properly if you feed them a diet of Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons...


So, is it 'solid' chocolate (or blancmange, or whatever) or is it 'icing' on a celebration cake?

It looks pretty convincing at first sight...

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UPDATE: The chocotina is now looking like it is in serious need of restoration. It's mainly dark chocolate, with white chocolate buttons of course. Whilst the ends and bellows frame are hollow, there were no signs of any confection based action levers, pans or reeds. The bellows are actually solid chocolate, which I'm not unhappy about.

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