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Looking for Maker of this little wooden concertina


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Hi, I am looking to figure out the maker of this little wooden concertina, I found it 2nd hand and I would love to fix it, The bellows seem in good condition, but  there is something rattling around inside that I would like to get out. 

Some of the buttons were pushed in when I got it and I have some of them out... have 4 more to go. 

There is a metal emblem that is partially there on one side. the letters end in what look like **ontali,?? or **owtali ??  I can't find a maker anywhere...ending in those letters.  Help!!  Its rough, but I love it...my mom dabbled on the accordion when I was a kid and this reminds me of that. 


May be an image of indoor

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Frontalini, though whether that factory made it or just distributed it I don't know.

Some one else posted an inquiry just recently about a similar concertina.....



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