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Looking for Clover concertina kit manual

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When I found a nice video on youtube about the assembly of a Clover concertina kit I immediately contacted the concertina connection to ask if these kits where still available : not since 2014…

in spite of there reply I will still start making my own anglo in a few months. I am 78 years young and made musical instruments for 45 years

( baroque guitar, hurdy gurdy, woodwinds,  portative organ, 3D printed violin and now finishing a larger barrel organ ) . I collected as much information as I could ( Tedrow, Holden ) and I would very much get the instruction manual W Wakker provided with the Clover kit. So if anone has still lying that manual somewhere on a shelf I would be very happy to pay for it with p&p extra.   Looking forward to your answer, best wishes from Jacques Thijs, Belgium, jt.mail@telenet.be

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Hello, I once made a sort of stringed instrument cross between a psaltry, and zither, that's as far as I got.. but this project you are doing sounds very interesting.

The portative organ you listed seems also very intriguing. Sorry I can't myself help you in your current project, but maybe someone else here will advise.. best of luck in your latest attempts.

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I built the Clover kit a number of years ago and it certainly gave me a better understanding of how concertinas work but more than anything else it gave me HUGE respect for builders of these wonderful instruments.

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