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Randy Stein

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I offer lessons to all levels who wish to learn and improve playing the English Concertina. Lessons are online via Zoom and I supply all music needed prior to a lesson. If you want info send a message through Cnet. 


On a different note (pun intended) I recently took a few lessons from a violinist for help on a specific piece of music I wanted to learn. The time spent was invaluable and I learned more than I had expected. I am convinced time spent with someone who can mentor your musical skills is, in my opinion, incredibly important to one's ability to increase not only musical skills but help with increasing one's ability to learn and create a musical repertoire. 

Or as my bubbe used to say "it couldn't hurt"

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Hi Randy

I’m looking for a teacher.  I play English concertina.  Would call myself a middle beginner.   I’ve been working through Alex Wade: English Concertina for Absolute Beginners for almost a year (on Page 19) with a few side trips and teaching myself to read music at the same time. 

Saw your note and am hoping we can connect and see if we can work together. 

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