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Miniature Anglo? another mystery

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Going through 'stuff' I unearthed a miniature concertina, hidden in a box at the back of a store room. 


I must have has this instrument around 20 years, put aside awaiting retirement etc etc. The truth is, I am not sure what it actually is. The concertina has 9 folds, metal ends each with 5 keys. Each end has a row of four keys and a second 'row' of a single key centralised on the first row, Thus:


                                                                                                                                                                                           o  o  o  o  


Each key plays push & pull two notes (Anglo style), there is no air release, it is metal ended, and is is need of new bellows and a total re-working. The action, action boxes, bellows frames, keys etc are intact, and it has a full complement of reeds. I don't know if the reeds are the original and in the original locations. Appended is a sketch of the reedpans & note locations.


What does the team think?


reed pans mini Anglo.pdf

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