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Progress Dealing With Sore/dry-skin Fingers


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The agony of cracked skin and painful fingers forced me to give up the banjo a number of years ago. It was especially miserable in the winter, which is extremely dry where I live.


Anyway, the solution I found was Neutrogena "Norwegian Formula" hand cream. They even put a Norwegian flag on the lable to prove how serious they are! I put it on heavilly at night, massage it into my hands and fingers until it is all absorbed, add more, do it again, until my hands feel absolutely lubricated, then I go to bed. Doing it at night seems to be most usefull, because it doesn't get washed off until morning. The results are dramatic. even after only one night. I've gone back to stringed instruments after a five year hiatus, and it's great! I've recommended it to a number of friends and co-workers, and they report similar results.


Try it; you'll like it!


One caveat: Neutrogena also makes a lotion in a pump bottle, all white and smooth and creamy, and it doesn't give me the same results. You want the semi-transparent, gooey stuff that comes in the squeeze tube.


There is an advantage to the whole cracked fingertips drama: it led me to experiment with other instruments, and that brought me round to the concertina. :rolleyes:



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It was especially miserable in the winter, which is extremely dry where I live.


And my Canadian wife keeps telling me, "but it's a DRY cold up there".... aal this AND cracked fingertips! (And plenty of static electricity too)! I just don't get it.

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Hello, everybody! I used to have a very skin, especially on my face, but on my hands too. I tried a lot of products, some of them are recommended here by you, but only few gave true results.

I'd like to make a new recommendation, and take my word on this, it's worth it: Gerovital Plant. I call it "My Hero". It is available here: www.aslaskin.com. It's 100% natural - just give it a try!


Best regards,

Jess. ;)

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I get psoriasis on back of my neck/hairline (I know different area sam kinda problem). I find that washing with cold tar soap helps as soap seems ot dry out my skin usually. I have tried different creams but not found them practical nor very effective. The best results I've had are from oils. I've just recently purchased one from bodyshop that I'm going to try. Its supposed to be for making your face skin soft...so will let oyu know if its any good.

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My wife runs a small company called Porter's Lotion UK. She had split fingers and thumbs every winter all her life and tried everything there is - literally every product you can name. She stumbled upon the parent company in the USA, ordered a bottle of lotion and never looked back. Because she was so impressed with the product, she asked to be an importer and six years on, her little company is helping people in the UK and Europe who come back time and again because it really does work. I don't think there is any better recommendation than personal experience. If you are in the US, go straight to Porter's (www.porterslotion.com) or in the UK/Europe www.porterslotion.co.uk If you want a sample bottle, it's quite reasonable and if you mention this website, she will waive the postage cost.

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