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Replacement concertina buttons

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Hi all,


I've just joined and am in need of some help please.


I have a Wheatstone that got damaged by one of my siblings and in trying to cover their tracks, my lovely mum sorted a speedy repair. Three of the buttons had been, I think, snapped off but the replacement buttons are completely different to the originals ( so yeah, I realised straight away 😉 ). Can anyone tell me where I can start looking in the hope of finding matching buttons?


I'll attach some pics of the originals.


I'm in the UK.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated.


Many thanks



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Contact Mark Lloyd-Adey of Concertina Spares




Try contacting him by phone first, as he doesn't always get to his email. This is from his 'Contact Me' page

Contact me


Either by email: mark@concertina-spares.com

By telephone – from 10.00am – 6.00pm – 01650511888   (Sat and Sun I may be out – do leave a message)

By post – Mark Lloyd-Adey. Bodfan, Cemmaes,  Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 9PR.





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Many thanks for the replies.


Hi Mike, When I opened it up earlier today, I saw a Barleycorn sticker on the inside, so it’s obviously been through their hands at some point. I will definitely contact them, and if no luck, I will get in touch with Mark. Thank you also for your kind offer of help 🙂


Hi Alex, Unfortunately I don’t. The damage was done a few years ago now and the evidence was quickly disposed off which is a shame.


Hi Rod, thank you for supplying this information. I will give him a shout and fingers crossed he can help.


Thanks again 💚❤️☘️


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You may well need to send a sample of yet another button to be matched. There was no such thing as a standard concertina key, any more than a standard  concertina end bolt.


If you don't want to send a button and risk loosing another one then the following needs to be provided:


1: photo showing clearly the shape of the crown of the cap.

2. the length of the cap

3. the diameter of the cap, use a Vernier calliper or equivalent, decimals of a mm are important.

4. the length of the key, base to crown, (ignoring the guide peg)

5. the length of the guide peg

6. the diameter of the guide peg

7.  the distance from the base of the key to the centreline of the cross hole.


All these things are variables that can be the difference between an easy fit and more frustration. You might like to publish the information here, someone might have something to help you with.

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If you can't get hold of used buttons then replacements can me made using a simple design. I have made them in one piece from T6 aluminium alloy.  When polished they look pretty similar to the nickel capped originals, viewed from the outside. They can also be made from solud nickel silver, but this is quite a bit heavier than the original of course.

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Hi Dave,


Thank you. I have found a seller of some replacement buttons. I have sent some photos, alongside a ruler and some measurements so hopefully it works out ok 🙂


I will definitely post on here again if it doesn't.




Hi and thanks for your idea but the thought of making a replacement makes my head spin a little. The replacements that are on currently are perfectly playable, I'm just fussy 😉

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