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Let us bring cheerfulness and hope back into the world!


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It seems to me that at this present moment we need cheerfulness more than ever; by that I refer to the carryon in Europe taking place, as far as Russian and Ukraine.  To me [personally] I often think what my late father who came from Poland in 1948 [ he died in 2000] what he would think of it all; as one side 'bullies' the other in such a dreadful manner.  My fathers old town was later changed slightly in its name as it went into Ukraine after World War 2, but is still there on the map.  He remembered in his lifetime Ukrainian and Polish friends singing together quite often.

Both sides of the world there have great tradition in music, and a natural affinity to reed  instruments, whether accordions, concertinas, and all kinds of derivations, as you will know of too; some of which has been linked to on this forum frequently.

If only people would use instruments of art and music to make discourse with rather than instruments of war and fear - maybe the world would be a better place than it is at this present moment? 


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