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Wanted: Accordion Stand


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I may eventually buy a new one, but I see that new ones are about $360., so if anyone can lead me to a used accordion stand, thanks.


I'm looking for the kind that holds the piano-accordion while you play it. (My aching back needs the extra help!)


Meanwhile, I'll have to work out a bit, I guess!

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Happy to sell you mine, it's only gathering dust. Italian made, branded Morsechi, virtually as new, used only at home. (Was going to tell you it had only been used on Sundays by a little old lady in church, but that would be a lie!!!)


Bought it to use with a big electronic I used to own. (Hated it!)


Would be happy with half what I paid for it new, which was about $450 Australian, but shipping is likely to be the killer as it weighs around 10 kg (22lb) packed for shipping. Economy Air $130 Australian, (3-6 weeks) Surface $88 Australian, (3-6 months). (Don't even ask the cost of full Airmail!)


Currently the Aussie dollar is worth about 75c US, so with Economy Air, that would be $355 Australian, or about US$270. Would be cheaper for you than buying a new one, about a 25% saving. (Or better if we used Surface mail; you can do the math--my brain hurts!)


We ought to continue this off group.

Email me direct at mclapp@bigpond.net.au if you're interested.




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