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What is this?

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I have come across a concertina with a piano layout one end and standard buttons the other (see pictures).

I believe a similar concertina was discussed on Concertina.net a while ago but I cann't find the post.

Could someone tell me a bit more about this type of concertina and direct me to the previous discussion?

Many thanks


Concertina 1.jpg

Concertina 2.jpg

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9 hours ago, David Barnert said:

I’m puzzled: Can it be that the “piano keyboard” buttons on the right are unisonoric while the anglo-type buttons on the left are bisonoric? I can’t think of how it would make sense any other way, but that’s pretty unusual.


That's what it is David, and they evidently used to be common enough in Germany, before WW2.


These catalogue pages are from the 1930s:










For that matter, there have been diatonic accordions made with chromatic basses, and chromatic accordions with diatonic basses - it takes all sorts...

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