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Suttner Concertina

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On 2/11/2022 at 3:45 AM, C ODonnell said:

How long does it currently take to get a Suttner anglo concertina ?


His website says " WAITING TIMES   For Anglo Concertinas: 1 year    For English Concertinas: 2.5 years".  You might want to contact him to confirm: http://suttnerconcertinas.com/contact/ .

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Yes, I waited for 4 years, when I ordered my 38 buttons Suttner 22 years ago, the year 2000. I received it the 2004. The true thing is that the time passes sooner than expected, although a watcher pot never boils. 

(in spanish,  el que espera, desespera, the one who waits despair). 

When passed two years, 24 months, I was happy thinking that I would have the concertina soon. Before reading again well the web page and assumed that was 48 months, 4 years. 

(confusing the 24 hours a day and the 12 months a year).

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