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Wanted: Maccann duet going down to middle C on the right hand


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I'm looking for a Maccann duet that goes down to middle C on the right hand side. Ideally a 57 or 55 key. Preferably located in the US.


If you are willing to part with such an instrument or know someone who is, please let me know.

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There’s a 72B good period McCann Aeola for sale near Vancouver, BC Canada


Vancouver Craigslist:


1919 Wheatstone Aeola 72 key McCann duet good period concertina. For sale or trade. Very good Aeola model with superior long scale steel reeds in brass shoes. Sounds wonderful. Metal ended. 72 button. Tuned to A440 concert pitch. Airtight 8-fold bellows. Good woodwork and finish. Air button. New straps. Low F to high C (baritone to treble range).

Please see photos. More photos and detailed info to come.

Willing to trade for a Baritone Treble English or similar, straight trade or plus / minus cash depending on condition, make and model.

I am open to any reasonable offer.

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