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Odd square miniature on eBay UK

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I was invited to go to a music museum near Paris to play concertina along with other French Musicians for a French TV station. When I arrived there were many instruments there on display in cabinets (similar to the Horniman museum) and I noticed a little miniature concertina and I asked if I could have a go at playing it. It turned out to be a miniature Anglo. The only way I could hold it was by little finger and thumb both hands. After about ten minutes I got A little tune out of it (Oscar Woods Jig). Only to be asked if I could be televised playing it. I think the camera going over my shoulder to home in on it ,was the point where most people who saw it said I looked terrified. The pain of holding it ,combined with the ten minutes practice amplified my concerns. I was told that "Aint Misbehaving" that I played on my Jeffries was much more relaxed that I played later.


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Update - the mini (micro?) arrived today. 8-button EC, 1.5" x 2" on the ends and about 4.5" long when resting - fits nicely in an old iPhone box with room to spare.


Mixture of steel and brass reeds, the reedpans are held in with two tiny screws. No markings inside other than "L" and "R".


How does it sound? Dunno, it's pretty leaky. I can hear an "e" an octave above middle "C" that appears to be in modern pitch, just not sure where it's coming from. 


Attached are couple of photos of the innards from the original listing.


I've reached out to the seller asking if they know anything about its history.


I'll be bringing it to Greg Jowaisas after the Old Pal Concertina Weekend in hopes he can work his magic on it and make it as playable as possible. Of course, the biggest problem with these little guys is lack of air due to the extremely tiny bellows capacity. I know it's heresy to suggest, but it really should have a supplementary air tube like a melodica!


Now if I could just figure out a way to store this "mini-me" inside my contrabass EC that would be awesome.




s-l1600 (3).jpg

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