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42-button Jones ‘Perfect’ C/G Anglo for sale

Peter Smith

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My rare 42-button Jones ‘Perfect’ Anglo (number 27140) was fully refurbished in 2019 by Andrew Norman. It has new bellows, new pads, new valves, new hand-straps and tuned the steel reeds to concert pitch. The fretwork each end is complete and any cracks have been repaired and stabilised. The levers have riveted action and the concertina is responsive. The concertina comes with a purpose-made lined case.


The 42-button Jones ‘Perfect’ C/G Anglo is a very rare fully chromatic Anglo concertina, patented in 1884, with a range of around four octaves from C3 to C7. Several notes are duplicated and can be played either on the push or pull of the bellows. I am only aware of two of these - Jim Lucas’ one and mine.


Jim Lucas described his 42-button Jones ‘Perfect’ Anglo in http://www.nonce.dk/Jones-42/ (used with his permission). This includes a layout of all the buttons and a detailed description and pictures of the instrument. He also includes some tunes, showing the capabilities of this type of anglo concertina. 


I can send you some more pictures or YouTube clips if you are interested. Also on UK Ebay - more pictures there.

If you are interested and would like to try the concertina, please contact me and I will see what we can arrange, if you are in the UK.

Postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery, including insurance up to £2000 or collection or delivery may be possible in the UK.

I am looking for £2000.




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I am interested in purchasing. What had put me off is that my main instruments are 38 button Jeffries (G/D and Bb/F) and thought trying to adapt to an additional arrangement of buttons would be too confusing for me. I do have a 30 button Jones in C/G which I use mainly for song accompaniment but this has some design faults.

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Either I missed seeing this when first posted or, like mbarrhamilton, I was put off by its being so different from what I am used to, in my case the 40-button Wheatstone layout that I have been playing for nearly 40 years. If the sale to mbarrhamilton goes through, good luck in exploring the possibilities. But if it doesn't go through I would be tempted.

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Many thanks for your interest, Richard.

I have owned the 42 button Jones for over three years but have not got to grips with the layout, which is why I am thinking of selling.

I have attached a button layout & Anglo Piano has kindly added the 42 button Jones, in case they are of use. (https://anglopiano.com/#layout)

I have sent a PM to mbarrhamilton.



Jones Perfect 42 button keyboard layout.docx Jones Perfect 42 button keyboard layout - all notes played.docx

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